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African Safari Holidays

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dear Family and Friends of African Coast Travel and Tours the year has gone by and we are now in the middle of 2017, we have came across many interesting people, animals as well as visited many beautiful places on the southern Africa region and we have redesighned our South African trip to suite your best needs

Dear Family and Friends of African Coast Travel and Tours the year has gone by and we are now in the middle of 2017, we have came across many interesting people, animals as well as visited many beautiful places on the southern Africa region and we have redesigned our South African trip to suite your best needs.

Friday, 24 February 2017

African Safari Holidays | African Safari Tours: 26 Day Southern Africa Explore Safari Package with Okavango Delta

African Safari Holidays | African Safari Tours: 26 Day Southern Africa Explore Safari Package with Okavango Delta

26 Day Southern Africa Explore Safari Package with Okavango Delta

Southern Africa Explorer Safari Tour With Okavango Delta

Discover Southern Africa these are tours to Southern Africa, our trips depart everyday and with our extended Southern Africa Explorer safari package with Okavango delta is one of the most highly favoured by our past guests and those with couple of days for their holiday in Southern Africa, an exhilarating moments of a life time packed with activities from day one to the end.

Southern Africa Safari Explorer with Okavango Delta Safari Tour Highlights:


Our first impression comes from the world wonder of the world the Table Mountain  

Our Journey took us to the Greater Kruger National Park which is one of the Big 5 game sittings, we managed to view all the big fine in no time at all,  

 We flew to Victoria Falls one of the world's biggest water fall, we where welcomed with a friendly smile upon arrival at the Victoria falls airport, we then had a relaxing sunset cruise, after a long day of traveling this sunset cruise come as a surprise to us, seeping the sun-downer champagne in a style,    

After some great time in Victoria falls we where transfers across the nearest border town of Botswana, and this also was just 80km away from Victoria falls town, where we had a full Day of wildlife activities from drifting the Chobe river with so many water waders, and our game drive was the best of them all seeing an elephant 1mtre from our game drive vehicles, our adrenaline where pounding, but our guides are well trained we were in safe hands.   


  Culture is one of my favorite activity when i visit Africa i would love to see how people are surviving to these current situation of the modern world, and we where privileged to a one home stead in Ghanzi Maun where we leant of the Bush man hunting alas that was awesome, from now on i have a great respect of Culture.  


Southern Africa Explorer Safari Tour Package Accommodation Options
Option 1: Southern Africa Explorer Safari Tour Standard Accommodation Code: SAESP1
Package Cost Low Season : US$7 600 per person sharing / single supplement US$2 280
Package Cost High Season : US$9 120 per person sharing /single supplement US$2 736
Package Cost for Solo Traveller : not possible
Include your own from/ to Country Flights : Ask the flight rates or you can book them on your own


Saturday, 18 February 2017

African Safari Holidays | African Safari Tours: 10 Interesting Things to Do in Botswana

African Safari Holidays | African Safari Tours: 10 Interesting Things to Do in Botswana: Welcome to Botswana, The Zebra Country: Botswana has been blessed with some of the rarest of flora and fauna and these are complete...

10 Interesting Things to Do in Botswana

Welcome to Botswana, The Zebra Country:

Botswana has been blessed with some of the rarest of flora and fauna and these are completely accessible through their safaris. It has some of the most diverse land forms you can imagine- from dunes to deltas to waterfalls. So, whether you’re an animal lover or nature-photographer or just someone who loves to explore new cultures, pack your bags and give Africa a chance to blow your mind:

1.     Ride a safari
Game Drive in Botswana Chobe National Park
Safari Tours Chobe, Savuti Safari Tours, Botswana Safari Tours 
Botswana has the most exquisite flora and fauna you can imagine spread over a wide variety of national parks. Most of them give you a choice to self-drive your safari- at your own leisure, creating your own trail and experiences or to ride on a safari led by guides and experts- so that you don’t miss out on anything and make good time. The most famous options are Chobe National Park and Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.
2.   Watch Birds
 Botswana Birdwatching
Bird Watching in Botswana, Bird Watching in Chobe National park, Bird Watching in Okavango Delta
Photo by MPF, CC BY-SA 3.0
Everywhere else, beautiful birds are the most elusive ones. Forget sighting them, you can rarely even hear them. But Botswana is a completely different land in this regard. Bird watching doesn’t require as much patience and is highly rewarding. The most common locations are the Okavango Delta which is blessed with over 500 recorded species and the Chobe National Park. You are free to explore hideouts- land or water- and become a part of nature.

3. Experience a Mokoro Ride
Botswana is home to a large number of Deltas and because of that they have their own beautiful water transportation- the Mokoro. It’s a canoe which is pushed by the guide with a pole. It might look really scary at first but trust the guides- they know what they are doing and possess immaculate balancing skill. Try to relax and you will have the best boat ride of your life!

4.     Fly over Moremi
 Okavango Delta, Moremi, Savuti and Chobe National Park Safari Tours
Southern African Explorer Safari Tours, Okavango Delta Tours and  Moremi Safari Tours
As long as weather permits, they offer you flights over Moremi- a beautiful birds-eye view of the animals, trees, waters and anything else you are fond of. You can focus down on your favorite parts too which takes the experience to a whole new level. You will feel like a bird.

5.     Enjoy a river cruise
 Botswana Adventure Safari Tours
Botswana Chobe National  Safari Tours
The safari experience isn’t limited to land. The water holds its own unique treasures and the river cruise take you closer to them. The boat ride itself is mesmerizing- as the boat is completely made with natural materials and guided by people with a pole. It takes you where the most natural interactions of animals and their habitats happen. And the sunset is just the cherry on top!

6.     Go on a Game Drive
If you want an experience much more intense than the controlled National Parks, there are various private concession areas that allow off-roading and night driving! You have a huge variety of locations to choose from- desserts, plains, marshes, deltas- everything is available here!

7.     Eat your Game Meat
Want to feel your animal instincts? Game meat is just for you. Completely new textures, tastes and types of meat for you to eat. And what’s better- it has been shot just for your consumption! It will give you the feel of a caveman. The cooking is delicious but that’s just the way wild meat feels!

8.     Learn Setswana
Photo by Kaboompics, CC0 1.0
 Ke bua Setswana go le gonnye fela” translates to “I speak only a little Setswana” - that’s all you have to say to get a glimpse into their unique and very interesting culture. To make the local people feel comfortable enough around you for you to really see the things they see, hear the things they hear and experience their experiences, putting in the effort to pick up the language is so worth it!

9.     Try Basket and Jewellery Designing
Botswana Diamond Tanzanite Shopping
The people in Botswana are amazing at these skills. So let your mind wander around and come up with your dream designs of baskets or Jewellery- whatever you fancy and let these craftsmen work their magic. The beauty of the product will only be limited by your imagination. You will go back with a souvenir to treasure forever.

10.             Attend a church choir
 Botswana Spiritual Tours
Botswana Spiritual Tours, Botswana Cultural Village Tours 
The people in Botswana love their music- which forms a huge part of their culture. But recently, majority of the inhabitants have turned Christian and hence they have imbibed their cultural music in the church choir- a one of its kind experience that will leave you mesmerized- by its melody, elegance, soulfulness and happiness!
Sometimes, you need to go to the other side of the world to really understand the life there. Trust me, you will return a different person- with a handsome tan, some breathtaking sights captured in your memory, the most melodious bird-calls ringing in your ears and a slight setswanian accent! It’s totally worth it.
Author Bio:
Rohit is an architect and is fascinated by how different countries use their geographical resources for economics and tourism. Thus, he makes a really cool and off-beat travel advisor whose other musings can be found at

Thursday, 16 February 2017

African Safari Holidays my journeys to Namibia

Welcome once again to 2017 the year to New Frontier
Amazing things are all around us but most people never find them, walking on the dead Vlei was one of the astounding welcome in my life, 
Namibia Sand Dunes and Wildlife safari Tour the dead Vlei 2017

Sunday, 17 January 2016

african safari holidays the adventure capital

Camping Safari inside the National Park, over Lodging safaris outside the National park

My Opinion have developed from my hands on expertise, i guess Camping Safaris in All national parks whether Kruger national park , Chobe national park and or  Hwange national parks  work the best during winter season when its not raining, there are more advantages to Camping Safari than lodging if its out side the park, also most of the time you find that, lodges inside the National park are exclusively classic safari tents and they really call on your pocket,

Spending more time in the park is one of advisable act to do,  the more chances of seeing great wild life, spend more time without rushing for the time for the opening and closing of park gates, and therefore having more time in the park as compared to lodging, of which lodging, you will be outside the park time is very critical than activities f the park, also you will find challenges when you are late for dinners or breakfast or lunch you will more stories from the lodge of which you are not settled at all as compared to Camping where everything has you at heart , personalized issues, and with your guides they understand you more than anywhere else, so my opinion says camping is an ideal, you have more chances of seeing cats, when others are trying to wait for the opening of the parks gates you find that you have driven all the areas while its still quite no noise, and during this time you have high chances of seeing Leopards and lions,

One of the Big five safari to see during this period is an Elephant, you will find them bathing in the mad, hallowing on the sand etc, which is a magnificent act to view during your stay, and also sunrise and sunset is possible as compared to Lodging.

Hwange overnight safari tours
Hwange national park safari tours

Open 4 x 4 game drive safari vehicles used 

Hwange safari tours
our happy clients after the safari game drive in Hwange national park

Hwange national parktours

Hwange full day safari tours
Hwange Safari full day tours

Elephants in Chobe national park
Chobe national park Elephants

Boat cruise in the Chobe national park
Boat cruise along Chobe river

travel to Chobe national park
Chobe boat cruises along the Chobe river

Water lizard or water monitors a quite enormous 

One of the Big five Safaris Leopard
Leopard one of the Big five in the Chobe national park

Matobo hills national park

Tented classic safari tents inside the Chobe national park

Camping safari tours inside national parks

Lodging accommodated safari tours

Close encounter with the big five cat the Lion

Lions in the Hwange national park and Chobe national park are not common

Having breakfast during the sunrise is one of the best experience ever

Thursday, 14 January 2016

when travelling to Africa become a responsible african safari holiday traveller....

Our African safari tours will get you more closer to nature..
African Safari Holidays.
As managing director of Southern Africa Destination Management Company (African Coast Travel and Tours), I have developed many skills in my more than 9 years on hands-on experience in Southern Africa Destination Management Company,  Holiday Organizing, Package Designing  and operating quality tourism services. With my country’s rich natural and cultural heritage, and my good reputation coordinating with the network of travel businesses, I offer a high expert quality experience and dedication to service.
as African Coast Travel and Tours  we are moving forward for a True African Experience...